Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boob Talk: Things Lesbians Say to their Daughters and Wives (Another Lesbian Shocker)

Come and have some Boobie.
She wants Boob.
Get on the Boob Train.
Come to Boobie # 1.
No, Boobie # 2 doesn't need you right now.
It's time to stop at Boob Station.
Put The Boob in your mouth.
Why won't you eat Boobie?
Boobie wants you.
Make Boobie happy, please.
Boobie needs you.
Eat the boob. Now.
I don't have all day; take the boob.
Boobie doesn't have all day.
Boob. Boob. Booooooooooooob.
No, we're not talking. Back to the boob.
Argh, why doesn't she want Boob?
All I want is for her to suck on the boob.
I can't stand when she does this to my boob.
Oh, poor Boobie. She's sad you don't want her.
Yes, Boobie loves you.
Oh yes, you love your Boobie.
Put the boobie in your mouth.
Open your mouth and suck.
You're hurting Boob's feelings.
It's Boobie time. Come to Boobie.
Mummy's boobs need you.
She's such a boobie lover.
Boob. In the mouth. Right now.
All you need to do is think about Boobie.
She doesn't want Boobie anymore.
Oh, I squirt it in her ear.
I am just glad she is eating it.
Boobie thanks you.
Open your mouth. Open your mouth.
Gotta love The Boobie.
When Boobie ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

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