Monday, May 11, 2009

Verizon Wireless Bathrooms Customer Service, and Grandma Mel

Just a short story, a very short one, about my grandmother - Grandma Mel. Like others approaching their eightieth birthdays, she has some minor issues with incontinence every so often. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. When she has to go, sometimes the police get called. The first time her potty problems required law enforcement was in Vermont in 2002, when I was a Freshman at Hampshire College. She stopped at a store (a gas station, perhaps?) to go to the bathroom. She HAD to go, it was about to come OUT. So she ran (really ran, and probably holding her bum all the way in)into the store and asked the clerk to use the bathroom. The clerk told her it was closed to the public. She probably started screaming, "I have to go. It's going to come out. Please! Do you want me to go on your floor? It's an emergency." And I am sure she was more than a bit demanding and wild, making a huge scene for those around her. The clerk refused her, telling her it was not a public restroom. So she did what anyone else would do, right? She called the cops to demand that she be allowed to use the restroom. I think it worked. That time.

The second half of this story takes place in a Verizon Wireless store in Buffalo, NY just a few weeks ago. She is (or was) a Verizon customer and was buying a new phone when she had a sudden urge to GO. She had to go IMMEDIATELY. The feeling just came on strong. She asked the salesperson where the bathroom was located, and the salesperson informed her that it was not a public restroom. "Well, I have to go. What do you want me to do? I am customer here, and you will not even let me use the bathroom. I am going to go in my pants. I need to use the restroom." And, again, I am sure she added a few more - obnoxious and angry - sentences to that list. The salesperson refused her and said that she was just following store policy. Grandma Mel gave into her animal instinct and started running toward the bathroom. The woman ran in front of her and blocked the bathroom door. Grandma Mel, still in Animal Mode, shoved her forcefully out of the way and managed to get into the bathroom and on the toilet. The salesperson then proceeded to call the police. The police came and warned Grandma Mel that she could have been charged for assaulting the woman. Needless to say, my grandmother is no longer a Verizon customer.

I ask, what might YOU do in a similar situation? Yikes!


sonyagraykey said...

poor Grandma! I've sneaked into "private" bathrooms to pee during my pregnancies. :) We saw your sweet girl out for b'fast with a friend. Glad y'all got some down time. I hope you feel that second trimester relief soon.

Mason McFadden said...

Yeah, I am trying to do a tiny bit more than usual. Kim, who was giving us a break by taking Darah to lunch and the library, said that she saw you and Zora. How are things going? I am SO ready for second trimester relief...