Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Best Wings in Buffalo? The Unending Wing Rant Goes On...but what about the Best Buffalo Shrimp in Town?

Jessica Mason McFadden: wonders how the Anchor Bar feels about President Obama's visit to Duffs? I don't eat wings anymore, but I remember how dirty those floors look (even in the dark). Elmos served me some excellent Buffalo Shrimp last summer; I plan to return to their dark yet less dirty-looking establishment. How could the Wing King go up against Bobby Flay (in a Throw Down) with a barbeque wing? That's not a Buffalo Style chicken wing!
Hayley C-L: I love the wings out in Olcott, 5 min from me.
Romy S: We have really good wings at John & Mary's. But I am glad to hear you like Elmo's. One of my good friend's mom owns it.
Jessica Mason McFadden: Yes, I don't think I ever had them but the J&M wings smelled good!! Good wings usually involve hot sauce and butter. (Franks?) Sauce to wing ratio probably makes a difference. Never bread the wing. We definitely like Elmo's.
Heather C: I am glad he went to Duffs, the quality is so much better and the owners are much more realistic about their food and the quality of their restaurant. It's a dive, it's not meant to be spic and span, dives make up some of the most interesting and eccentric food places in the country, it's a good thing he got his elbows dirty and went in there, show's he can be down to earth and not hoity toity. although the girl that said he had a smokin' body should prolly be slapped.
Jessica Mason McFadden: Yeah, that's good. I guess it would not surprise you for a second that the dirtiness of dives would not attract me (former "germophobe"). I have had some good food at dives, yet I still would feel better about the food if the floors were clean and the tables weren't sticky. I worry about what the kitchen is like when the dining room is sticky. But I am much more relaxed than I used to be...I'll eat and even enjoy food in a dirty environment (just not as much as I would in a clean environment). I know it's oxymoronic, but can't there be a clean dive. It could be named Spic-n-Span, in fact!
Jessica Mason McFadden: Can't the president wear a red shirt? He would have been well off. If I recall correctly, Duffs uses A LOT of sauce.
Ashley S: geez, I only told him that to boost his ego, haha
Jessica Mason McFadden: Ha ha. I think the girl who said it must have been smokin' something. :)
Heather C: yeah she was a class act. i've actually heard the kitchen at Duffs isn't that bad, and i've worked in lot 'o kitchens. Maybe they apply their own layer of stickiness to the floor to make it seem worse. Trying to get on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

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