Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tampon Swamp Dreams: : I have the Weirdest Dreams, and I Remember them

Jessica Mason McFadden just woke up
from a weird dream and beckons all Expert Dream Interpreters to put on
their reading glasses. AHEM!

JMM: I just had a weird dream in which a bunch of people were trying to get me to go gliding down a long rope into a green, mucky body of shallow water filled with hundreds of tiny and medium size dolphins. Sandy, my wife, was the one to initially encourage me to glide and jump. Then, later, when I was starting to think I might face my fear of having my body engulfed in dark waters filled with fish; Ellen DeGeneres and Janine C were the ring (glide?) leaders! Ultimately, I glided into the shallow area of water with Heather C, Brette K and Christy S. I was wearing a very juvenile life jacket. They waded through the shallow water with me, while I spun around in a circle of small dolphins. It felt surprisingly good, and they were happy, sweet little dolphins. When we returned to the main region of the water, a huge birthday party was happening for me - many of my friends were there. On the way out of the water, Brette wanted to tell me something about how the event changed my tampon string; but I asked her to wait until after the event. Ellen and Janine were leading everyone in singing happy birthday and congratulations. I thanked everyone. I knew they were hoping I would take the plunge into the deep, dark region of dolphin-water, but I just couldn't take that step. They all clapped for me, and I joked about how I was just not ready to dive head first into the water just yet...
Jessica MM: Okay, now that I remember all the details and I fed Elanah and blew my allergic nose, I can go back to bed!
Jaime D: Have you ever felt like the three of them might not agree with your choices in life? Or maybe some sort of rift or disconnect that you were unhappy with? Maybe you desire guidance and approval of others more than you realize? This is just what I'm getting. I like to take a stab at dreams once in awhile.
Amy P: I love having odd dreams! Gives me something to ponder for a while.
Joan L-W I don't remember dreams. I did a discipline once that did get me remembering. I found out the dreams that feel all meaningful tend to be about running away and hiding, like I didn't already know that. I don't fly or swim with dolphins and I don't shop or see people I miss. That would be nice.
Heather C: I don't agree that it would have to do with my not agreeing with jess' choices in life, since i prefer to live by the practice of not pressing judgements on people that i wouldn't want imposed on myself, but if you think about the timing, w...e were all really good friends at the same time so we would all be a common thread if your mind wandered to later HS years. I would say that the taking the "glide" into the initially shallow water could represent overcoming something, whether consciously or sub-consciously but not being quite ready to take that next step (i.e. the deeper body of water). i've been having some really weird dreams lately, but a few of them have been about people trying to bust in on me in a bathroom stall and i'm really scared, but when i wake up i REALLY have to pee!!!
Jessica MM: I was mostly emotionally stirred by the fear that I had before I got into the murky waters. I did NOT want to go in there. In real life, I am afraid of water that I cannot see through...soooo, hmmm. I was also very concerned about what Brette had to tell me about the tampon string. She was happy that I decided to go in the water, she thought it changed the tampon string/tampon experience for the better - she approved. I dunno. Ha ha.
Brette K: Well, I'm not too sure what my role was in your dream. Like Heather, I try not to impose my views, though if asked my opinion I'm honest. It isn't my place to judge others. I will be honest, however, discussing tampon strings would make me extremely uncomfortable. If you're aware that discussing certain private things is uncomfortable to me, maybe that would help point you in a direction...
Jessica MM: Yeah, I try to enjoy my dreams for their quirkiness and strangeness. I think it's fun hearing other people's interpretations (like Jaime's - ♥) but I don't really believe firmly that our dreams are "interpretable" (and certainly not linear!...). Since I have had some freakfreakfreakydeaky dreams, I prefer to use the "take it or leave it" approach - I'll take the ones that make me feel good, and I'll repress the ones that disturb me too much. Or I'll turn it into a piece of creative writing. Or I'll post it on Facebook.
Jessica MM: I did get the sense, in my dream, that you were a little disturbed about the original state of the tampon string, but I won't go into further detail about it, Brette, since it will make you uncomfortable. I'm quite surprised that such a conversation would make you uncomfortable, though, since my memories of you in high school were different (ahem recalling trip to Europe...). But people change over time. I know I certainly have (for the better and smarter!). I'll try not to have any more tampon string dreams involving you from now on. Ha ha. :)See More
Jessica MM: And Jaime, I do think you are right they I do desire approval from others more than I'd like to admit. Darn it, I don't want to care what anyone else thinks. Still working on that one. :)
Jessica MM: Ha ha, Heather. Every once in a while I have a dream about being naked in public - like in middle school. The funny thing is that my adult self would not care that much if I was naked in public, but my child self WOULD care. So in dreams, we're our child and adult selves???
Brette K: Hahaha, ahhh the Europe incident. I'd hope I've matured since then.
Heather C: ahhhh hahaha, the europe incident is a favorite memory of mine...

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