Thursday, January 6, 2011

Choosing the Right Name for your Child : Names of Being

I think Sandy and I named our daughters based on their presences (states of being) in the womb. We hope that their names now and throughout their lives will be a reminder of their oneness with the intricacies and wholeness of life/life-force/being. So the external meanings that history dictates are one thing (certainly one thing that influenced us during our naming process). But there was also that indefinite thing, that thing that felt right instinctively about the names. Sandy and I were able to know them in their most perfect state (in a state in which all of their needs were met and they could just BE without the reactionary existence that begins after birth, an existence in which the elaborate constructs of their developing brains respond to the loss of their perfect womb environment).
As their tiny hearts were beating inside me and as they began to express themselves inside my womb by forming a pattern and style of movement, we felt them without them having to have or create or deny personalities of their own. We felt them. We named them for the feelings we had while on the outside of their perfectness.  It is the closest thing to their and our own perfection, and the closest thing to all perfection. It is a reminder of what we all inherently are: perfect life forms (perfect simply by virtue of being alive). Our precious daughters. Our precious selves. Our precious world of forces and forms, suspended energies in vast space. All and nothing. Nothing is all. Darah, a name describing a perfect state of being. Elanah, a name describing a perfect state of being. No needs unmet, hearts beating on, becoming being, being Being.
Sometimes, now, I get caught up in Elanah's responsive/reactionary personality. I start fooling myself into believing that she is her personality. I joke about how I should have named her Novah because of how often I say no to her (and because of her energy that seems often to be like a burst of fire). But that is merely me becoming caught up in MY OWN responsive/reactionary personality: because Elanah is, at her core and like all life-forms, BEING. She is more than a word like No or Novah. She is more than my exhaustion at the end of the night. She is perfect. I do not create her. She is. Elanah and Darah beat on inside me forever. Darah and Elanah beat on inside the world forever.

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