Saturday, February 19, 2011

If I were a playwright, I would write about the Ebb AND the Flow

If I were a playwright, I would use this as a scene in one of my plays:

J: Oh this is weird, I haven't squeezed my boob since I weaned Elanah, and I just did, and it's clear liquid that came out. Like water, not milk.
S: Oh yeah?
J: I wonder how it tastes. If it's like milk. (Tastes a dab.) I can't taste anything. That's so weird. Cool. I wonder why it would come out like that, what is happening in the milk duct.


J: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I had a white stain in my underwear today and there was mucous on the toilet paper earlier. So I think I'm ovulating. Or something. Something's happening.
S: Interesting.
J: Yeah, it's the first time in a long time, like years, that I've had any stain in my underwear.
S: Wow.
J: I know. It's exciting.
S: So you're about to enter womanhood.
J: Yes, it's like I'm becoming a woman again.
S: Yeaaaah.
J: It's like I went from being a mother to being a woman. I was just this feeder. No hormones. Just meant for feeding.
S: Aw, my little feeding trough.
J: (Laughing) It feels good. Like my body is functioning again. Or differently. And now I'm going to be entering into the ebb and flow of things.
S: Riiiight.
J: Well, soon I'll enter into the flow.


J:And you're done with flowing.
S: Yes.
J: Are you still ebbing?
S: Yeah, I'm still ebbing.
J: That's good. I think we're always ebbing.


Halcyarn said...

Did I tell you this -- list of characters in Menarche: The Musical: Aunt Flo and Uncle Red. I think we also need a farmhand named Eb (maybe a la Green Acres). Haha I love it! Also it was great that the music playing was I am Woman -- was that random or did you plan that?!

Mason McFadden said...

OMG, ha. I did not plan that, the Helen Reddy was random. How funny. Love the start of your character list. Feel free to use this dialogue or a similarly themed one based on this model in your play. :)