Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Young Fan Letter to Angela Lansbury

This is classic - I think I wrote this when I was about seven and tried to send it over the course of three or four years. Angela Lansbury, my first love and first obsession (I loved her from age five until ten or eleven). This is proof. And this is proof of some other things: my childish imagination and delusion as well as my spelling talents!

Thank you to Sandy for scanning this for the world to enjoy. Click on the images to enlarge them for easier reading...This letter never grows old. Is it possible to be a seven-year-old stalker. Well, I had good intentions. But the letter reveals a lot about my "thinking" (the processes of my mind). I think I needed some guidance; my parents just let me try to send it as it was. Now I am SURE if Angela had read it she would have showed up at my grandmother's condo (in Jupiter - ha ha - FLORIDA). "He" is my Uncle Tommy Walsh, who is a drummer and had met Angela a couple of times (when he played the opening for "Murder She Wrote" and sat by her at an award ceremony).

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