Sunday, January 3, 2010

Funny Things Kids Say

It's 2010, and Darah will turn two on January 13th. In honor of her second birthday and the New Year, here are some of the memorable things she has said and done:

"Eh-nah-nah cyin'. Ah need some boob." (She said this, emphasizing the last b in "boob," when Elanah was fussing in her crib.)

"Ah'm (I'm) haahpee (happy)." (She says this quite randomly, at times, and it is so sweet.)

"We'ah (We're) home. We'ah (We're) home. Ah (I) det (get) home Ah'm (I'm) home. Pay (Play) wih (with) toys." (This is what she exclaimed over and over when we got home at 11PM from a hellish drive through two blizzards - one in Erie, PA and the other in South Bend, Indiana. She hadn't been home for two weeks, and she was so happy to see all of her familiar surroundings. She clapped and hugged Darah bed and put her head on the things she missed.)

"Ah'm (I'm) tewin' (tellin') mah (my) mom." (This is what she said to my dad after he flipped her upside down in the air...We have no idea how or where she came up with this phrase.)

"Ah'm hunky (I'm hungry). I wan(t) beditz (her word for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Ah (I) eat food. I wan(t) pantakes (pancakes). I wan(t) take (cake)."

"Chihmunk. Ah tahkin' 'bout ih. No moh tahkin' 'bout ih. Nnnno moh tahkin' 'bout it." (She heard us talking about throwing away a plastic chipmunk from McDonald's, and came in, intervene. We ended up digging the chipmunk out of the garbage can. She can't stop talking about it, although we are not sure what, exactly, she is saying.)

"Ah top dat (I stop that). Ah sah no, no (You said no, no). Ah'm payin' at (I'm playing it)." (In reference to my disapproval over her attempt to press buttons on the DVD player)

"Baby seester. Ah det out. Ah det out ah ceeb (I get out of other words, get her out of the crib)."

"Ah sad. Ah say bah bye. Ah wanna do home." (Things she said when she was waiting for Mummy and Momma Si to return to Gramma Sue's from their trip to the Galleria Mall.)

"Ah don wike dis (I don't like this). Ah (You) said no. Ah (You) take it away. Ah top dat (You stop that). Ah'm sahwee (I'm sorry)." (She said this after I took the plate from her just before she would have dumped its contents on the rug.)

"A wady (lady) bug. Pih (pick) up ah wady (lady) bug. Pih up, Mah Si (Momma Si). Ah do hi (I say hi). Ah fow aht oh-way (You throw it away). Ah darbage (in garbage). Danks (thanks)."

"Wook ah dis (Look at this). Ah bwoke it ( I broke it.)  Ah doin' a take ih out dees (I'm taking these out). Hew awa da key-ans (Here are the crayons). Ah tans (The crayons...she has various pronunciations for crayons). I need open tee-an (I need open the she hands me a crayon with a wrapper that she wants me to peel back). Danks (Thanks)."

"Ah wipe ih ah tissue. I dotta wipe ih. I dotta wipe dis. I nee(d) ah tissue. Ah fow it away ih darbage. I nee(d) a wah cwof (washcloth), Mommy." (As she rubs the carpet with a dirty tissue.) "No, no. I doh away (It go away). Ah wat cwof (With wash cloth). Ah teen ih (I clean it). I tan (I can). Ah teen ah book (I clean the book)."

"Ah'n wan anysing (I don't want anything). Nope. Nope. Nope. Doh away. Doh away. (Go away)." (She often tells us to go away if we walk in the room and she is doing something she thinks we will not like...)

"Ah poop (I pooped)." (This is what she said when she passed gas a moment ago...a few weeks ago, when we were letting her air her diaper rash covered bum out, she did not say "ah poop" when she shot a mushy poop on the floor and ran right through it (heel in the poop) without a thought.)

"Wan tome too? Ah tome too? (Wanna come, too? You come, too?)" (This is what she said to me the other day, when she wanted me to go rock her in the gliderocker before her nap. Who could resist that offer?)

"Mommy? Mahmeeeeee? Maaaaahmee?" (Darah sometimes loses track of me and looks for me around the house. She will use various inflections for Mommy, sometimes the MAH is up and the MEE is down and sometimes the MAH is down and the MEE is up. Last night, Sandy and I awoke from a just-developed deep sleep to the sound of a distant "MAHmee." Darah must have jumped out of bed, half-asleep, and ran to the playroom to find me (which is where I usually am when she wakes up from her nap in the afternoon). It scared me to hear her calling for me and looking for me from a distance. I jumped right out of bed and met her in the family/living room (I first wrote "loving room"). She ran right into my arms. We were both relieved, I think. I popped her into bed with us and that is where she stayed for the rest of the night. She kicks the covers off of us and has the sweatiest head (it stinks when it sweats, oddly enough), but I really like cuddling up to and snuggling her. She is like a mini-heater. She will say, "I wan tuddle you. Wes snuggle." And now, whenever she wakes up, she runs to me and announces "Ah'm awate," and then proceeds to hand me her Da Duck and Zucky pacifier.)

While we were playing on the floor, we looked up at the ceiling (where often we see Asian Lady Beetles crawling about). I asked Darah, "Are there ladybugs on the ceiling?" to which she answered "No, ah don' see any up dare."

"Det off me. Det off ah me (Get off me. Get off of me)." She gets right to the point when she dislikes something. I am learning from her assertiveness and honesty.

"Ah'm sowee, ah need tow weenie. Ah need some towa weenie (I'm sorry. I need some tortellini)." She apologized for getting frustrated when we did not immediately jump up after she started demanding tortellini.

Here is what she announces after dinner: "Wahtin da teevee tahm (Watching the TV time)!"

And when she wants her socks off, it's "Ah need take em off. Take em off a me."

Darah usually likes it when I sing, but sometimes she gets annoyed (just as her Aunt Missy used to...). The other day she said after I tried singing a few songs -some original and some learned, "Top singin. Top singin ah Dimpy an Damma Sue. Ah top singin da banana phone sahng."

Dar's latest precious new behavior is an early form of protest. Lately, when I ask or tell her to do something she does not want to do, she looks down and then runs off to the bedroom bathroom. She sits down in the darkness on the floor, against the shower door. When I follow her in, I know exactly what she is going to say. "Darah, what are you doing?" And she says, "Ah'm saad (I'm sad)." It's very precious. We much prefer it to the first forms of protest she was showing...squeezing us, pinching our arms, hitting us (and by us, I mainly mean poor Sandy). She was reinforced for the "Sad Act" over winter break, when Aunt Missy frequently asked her, "Are you sad, Darah" in the hopes of seeing Darah's sad faces...which, I must admit, are extremely charming and cute.

"Ah! Ah hit dat ah puter. Ah hit a box ah knee. (Ah. I hit that on the computer. I hit the box with my knee)"

When I ask if she is coloring she says, "Ah tolorin. Ah wike aht. Ah wike it." When she is marching to the Frosty soundtrack, she announces, "Ah'm mahchin. Wook, Mommy, Ah marchin"

One of her favorite phrases: "Ah'm payin' toys."

"Ah wan tewetubbies"

 "Ah maybe ah-marrow (Maybe tomorrow)."

Darah is such a precious joy in our lives. We are so very grateful for the presence of her loving spirit in our lives. Happy birthday, Sweet Darahbean!!!


sonyagraykey said...! This is a wonderful, wonderful post! You are such a super attentive mommy! We can't wait to play with y'all again.

Mason McFadden said...

Thank, Sonya. Are you going to be returning any time soon? I have checked out some of your photos, it looks like you are having a blast. :)