Friday, February 19, 2010

Midwestern Refrigerator

Status updates, from back in the day when the game was Ms. Lady Lay Lady________

is happy to have Weber's Mustard and Miller's Cocktail Sauce in her midwestern refrigerator...they've come a long way, they've come a long way... 

is so excited for and proud of her sister for getting a job, a really great job at, I'm impressed. Go Missypougmaseester. 

is grateful for all the pots that you all offered up and very grateful to Anne for her generous help with the photo recovery process! 

Darah asked to "wash her hands" and she made a huge watery mess in the bathroom. I came in to clean it up and said, "Oh, Darah, you made a mess. Oh this isn't good. I told you not to make a mess. Ohhhhh. Look at all the water." Darah says to me, very calmly and sweetly, "Calm down, Mommy. Calm down. What's wrong, Mommy?" 

The baby has been screaming bloody murder on and off since early this afternoon...she screams the worst angry, terrorizing screams when i try to feed her if the boob is causing her pain...she only quiets when she tires herself out or I carry and bounce her vigorously...teething already at three months...ah, help 

While coloring Valentines, Darah announces: "I dot wohk ta do." Then after drawing a purple scribble, she says "I dwaw a woman." That's my girl. 

Reformulates: is not a fan of TOO much testosterone... 

While scanning television channels, I stop at the Ellen Show and say, "Darah, who is that?" She says, "a guy" (even though I don't recall using that phrase very often to describe anyone). Then Heidi Klum walks on the stage, and Darah exclaims, "It's Gramma Sue!" Well, well, well.

feels sad that the kid who fired shots in the air and then at himself did not feel he had other options... 

When I tell Darah we're going to a birthday party tonight for her friend, she says "No, it's Myyyyyy birfday. It's mine. I bwow out tandles." Oh dear. 

feeling nervous about the stange small, hard lump on the back/lower, right side of Elanah's head...just under the moves around a is hard, like it is trapped under the is new, as far as we know...errr, hmmm

had a fun morning - library with my girls, playgroup with lots of wonderful people (including Biodad and Elisa), lunch and hot chocolate after, now it's nap time quiet for a little while...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And then, in March, let it be over with and let the sun shine so I can take Dar and Elan out... without getting slushy and mucky car exhaust all over everything. 

goodbye Lenovo PC, hello MacBook...thank you Wife. 

if you say you're gay (lgbtiqectectect) in many different ways and voices why not try saying it with your mouth? Like this: "I'm a lesbian." I said it (and lived through a tough time) and came out feeling liberated. Here's to being out of "the closet," from one LESBIAN to another!!! 

Darah's first: "I don't like you, Mommy. Ah doh (go) away. Doh (go) in the dedroom (bedroom)." 
Elan sleeps now to make up for being up in the early am (I'm talking 3-4-5am)....and here I sit, in a haze, watching Darah clean her stuffed lamb with tissues and a toothbrush. 
Thinks everyone with children should have an Adam and Elisa (also known as one unified "Elisa") in their lives...(thanks for all you do) 
feels sorry for Sandy's feet and wishes she could lend them an arch (and more) 

doesn't like that, for some people, being lgbtqiaetc is only acceptable when it is considered "something you're born with." In my opinion, I WOULD choose to be gay; I just wouldn't choose to be punished or persecuted for it.
Darah loves to have jobs to do...she excels in delivery and transfer... 
There are no elephants in this room.

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