Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Poems (from a Three Year Old Daughter to her Motherly Sources)

These are some captions for pictures and "writing" in Darah's Mother's Day cards for Momma Si, Grandma Sue, Great Nana, Gigi Mel and Nana Jan. (In other words, these were her spoken replies when I asked, "What does that say?")

To Grandma Sue/in her card:
Dar: "P.S." Mum: "What does that mean?" Dar: "That is a word for that letter."
"I miss you."
"I wanna say thank you."
"You're cute."
"Thank you."
"Thank you for my heart."

To Momma Si/in her card:
"Momma Si Butt."
"I love you, Momma Si." ("I yuv you Ma Si.")
"It's booby milk from your booby, OTAY?!"
"It says yellow."
"Happy birthday to you!" ("Haypeh beerf-day to you!")

To Nana Jan/in her card:
"Thank you for my flower."
"Play with me." ("Pway wiss meeee.")
"This is a good idea."
"It says I want some."
"There's a hole."

To Great Nana/in her card:
"Thank you for my birthday."
"I love you, Nana."
"A cat." (As requested by Mummy J...because GN is afraid of them!)
"Twinkle star, twinkle star."
"Happy birthday to you."

To Gigi Mel/in her card:
"Thank you for helping me with Mummy J."
"Thank you for my birthday."
"Thank you for my heart."
"Awe. Thank you."
"It's Mother's Day."
"It says McFadden Darah."

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