Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starting to Read: Dearest Anne by Judith Katzir

I started reading it, for the second or third time.
I'm 38% of the way through, according to Sandy's Kindle.
I like being able to take notes in the margins or underline or just find a passage easily - that's the upside of the paperback version.
It's good. It's very good.
It brought up some emotions in me, but it's not overwhelming.
Michaela is definitely a full participant in the affair, at this point.
It will be interesting to learn how it ends up.
What will R's mother dooooooo?
I am enjoying the sex/uality and eroticism.
Mutual attraction between student and teacher: whooooaaaa. But the girl is supposed to be 13/14 and her writing is pretty advanced. I was soooo pre-pubescent at 13, but hey!

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