Saturday, November 13, 2010

MY Toddler's Thanksgiving Poem

D's First Thanksgiving Poem (Nov 2010, 2yrs)

Poh Poh Pee, The Turkey

A monkey in da world,
a monkey in da bed,
on da rockin' chair,
on Thanksgiving.

It's about eatin' food,
It's about (um, I don't know,
I'm sinkin'), it's about whipped tweam.
Dere's no muffins.
Dere's no pies.

A turkey.
You put it outside
to doh wide da horse.
We put it outside
and we say doodbye.

He says, "But I wanna doh
in ya house." And he dets out
of de outside.

And he comes in da house,
and says, "Yay, Dawah!"
He puts da massed bee-tatoes
in da oven. He sits
in his baby chair.

And then he goes in da darbage.
They say, "Okay, I'm gonna frow you
in the darbage, Turkey!" They say, "Oh, phew."
And they eat deir dinner.

It's a big turkey,
and it runned away.


sonyagraykey said...

I *attempted* to read this Darah-style. It was fantastic. L. is lhao. Z. looks confused. Wish you were here to share these expressions. LOVED the poem, you awesome mum. ;)

erica clark photography said...

So adorable! She is going to be so glad you saved this, someday. :)

rl-carter said...

I Love It!!

Mason McFadden said...

Thanks, my friends! Sonya, I hope you read it in a very high pitched voice to capture the Darah-ness. With a bossy little edge. Ha ha. Wish I was there to experience your reading and their reactions, too. I knocked on your door earlier, when I dropped the fairy/butterfly wings and wand off. I assumed it was nap time, maybe for all of you?!