Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Daughter's Annual Thanksgiving Poem

D's Annual Thanksgiving Poem
(Thanksgiving 2011, 3yrs)

Thanksgiving's about bein'
together, we never sever.

She's makin' pie.
We make pies
and we roast stuff
and we cook.
We don't sigh.

It's about bein' together
and puttin' up stuff
and having fun - that's what
it's really about.

So that's my silly poem.
Pie's the best part.

Raspberry pie
and mashed potato pie,
blueberry pie, sprout pie,
carrot pie is what we eat.

Broccoli pie, muffin pie,
celery pie, turkey pie -
take a seat,
put up your feet.

The turkey's dead,
the turkey's dead, we killed it
with a knife
when we slapped it.

Before it died, it said
No, don't eat me.

You killed the turkey
on Thanksgiving Day.
We put oil on it
and put it in the oven
at eleven degrees.

It gets super hot.

Turkeys wanna eat
turkeys. A whole family
of turkeys sitting
at a table. The second one
gets eaten.

All the turkeys
get eaten - ow, ow, ow,
ow, ow, ow.
Momma Si's the turkey
at our table.

Our turkey has a name,
its name is Momma Si.

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