Saturday, March 10, 2012

GRE Scores, for those who want to "rate" me and "rank" me

Quantitative Reasoning Percentile Rank 26% (That means 74% of people who took the GREs in the last three years are ahead of me in quantitative ability/scoring)

Qualitative Reasoning Percentile Rank 86% (That means 14% of people who took the GREs in the last three years are ahead of me in qualitative ability/scoring)

Analytical Writing Percentile Rank 96% (That means 4% of people who took the GREs in the last three years are ahead of me in analytical writing scoring)

The Graduate Record Examinations Revised General Test is no longer scored as it used to be scored, but my wife-partner figured out what my score would have been in the old format. According to her calculations, my combined score (including quantitative and qualitative but not analytical writing) would have been 1,120.

According to the GRE, I am above average in my qualitative skills. I'm in the top four percent in my analytical writing skills (Woo-hoo, I have actually almost managed to master one skill in my lifetime). And I am well below average in my quantitative skills (Hey, doesn't the A in Statistics count for anything?). But I can hear how my mom will describe my results to her friends: "Jessica is in the top 100th percentile!" And it makes me smile.


Kristin Davis said...

Scores can be so overrated sometimes, and honestly this whole scoring system we have for everything is rather arbitrary anyway. Much like pretty much everything in society, it was thought up by some guy, usually of the old, white, and dead persuasion. It's all rather depressing if you think about it, the fact that mainstream society is made up of all of these arbitrary things that there is really no one system for and we all just go along with it. Anyway, I'm happy that you got your scores and don't have to stress over that anymore.

The Cunt Diatribe said...

Yeah, I'm happy about it, too. I hoped to, by some miracle, do better in the quantitative portion. But I am very pleased about the analytical writing portion, and so I will focus on that. :)

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