Monday, April 20, 2009

Nausea and Puking during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Well, just when I thought I was starting to feel better I seem, actually, to be feeling worse. Or at least just as bad as I felt weeks ago.

Only now, I am puking more often. I puked my breakfast up on Saturday morning and I puked my breakfast up this (Monday) morning. I think today's episode of puking may be my fifth time puking during the whole first trimester. It's especially frustrating to feel so sick when I am nearing the end of the first trimester and have the hope and expectation that the second trimester will bring some relief. I do know that I COULD survive being sick for the next six months, as well. I could survive it. But it would be torturous Hell for D and Sandy and me. I hope it will not be like that.

When I puked on Saturday, Sandy was there to pick D up and take her away from me and the toilet. Today, D and I were alone. I was hoping she would stay in front of the television watching the Backyardigans while I got the job done, but she followed me into the bathroom. She seemed very curious about what I was doing. But I lost my ability to talk to her while I was vomiting. I just put my arm out to block her from approaching the toilet. She whimpered and whined and tried to get back my arm. When I could breathe to speak, I told her "It's okay, Mummy J just got sick." She came right up and looked into the toilet. "See, icky." Then she tried to reach into the toilet. "Let's flush it down, now." Then we flushed it and closed the lid. "All done," I said. "Ah dan," she said. "Do you want to give Mummy a hug?" And she gave me a hug. Then we both brushed our teeth together and left the bathroom. Ah, the start of another week of pregnancy. Being pregnant (each time) has been the most difficult thing I have ever done. It's not the ideal situation for D, but we're getting through it. It will not last forever. MummyJ with energy will return someday! Feeling guilty for putting D through the boredom isn't going to get us anywhere. (Sigh.)

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