Friday, May 15, 2009

Pregnancy Week 18: Nausea and A Brain that Fascinates

Some things that I have been and am experiencing during this pregnancy that I do not recall experiencing during my last are jaw and tooth pain (especially along the right side of my mouth and neck. It seems a little too severe to be caused my all of the Altoids I have been chomping on after each meal. I also have been having headaches periodically throughout the day. It's very strange but my lips are extremely dry (and have been for the past three months). I have been trying to put on a neutral-flavored Chapstick (which is difficult), but it doesn't seem to help. They dry up and crack. It's really gross. Not only that, but I am also congested all the time. I seem to be feeling a lot more soreness in various parts of my body earlier on than in my last pregnancy. My neck aches, my pelvic region aches, sometimes even my elbows throb. Today my right arm is in pain, as if I pulled a muscle. But I am SURE I did not pull a muscle. I spend almost all of my time sitting on the couch, lying on the bed, or lying on the floor.

I am approaching Week 18 but I am not feeling well yet. The nausea and weakness (and heartburn) prevail.

Darah is just amazing. I couldn't have asked for a more forgiving and loving presence to be in my life during this time. She is so good at bringing me things to play with -- books to read to her, stuffed animals to hug and dress up. And she seems to enjoy being with me, despite my utterly boring state of existence. Just a moment ago, she brought me Sweet Pea and a pair of her pants. She wants me to put the pants on Sweet Pea (a little Sweet Pea in a pod). I tied them around her and handed them back. She was pleased. And she says "Swee-pee" very well. Then she cleared off the couch and asked to come up. Now she is sitting beside me playing with a barrette for her hair and singing a song while watching a farmer remove pollen from a male flower and rub it on a female flower (PBS, of course!). She can say SO many words - any word, I am convinced. As long as I tell her "Say ..." before the word, she will (usually) try to say it. She just started saying "I love you." Or, well, one of her versions "ah joo" or "low oou"...for some reason, she loves to say and wave "bye." She will say bye to us many times a day, usually when she is walking away (not far, though). Sometimes she will just say it randomly. Her brain fascinates us.

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