Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pregnant and Caring for a Child: Happiness, and I guess

My daughter, Darah, is extremely cute and smart and sweet. I feel so honored to be able to spend some of my life journey with her. She is a little ray of sunshine, and brings warmth and light to those around her - even at the young age of sixteen months. At this moment, she is bringing a pile of miniature books to her other mother, Momma Sandy. Two of her favorite things this week (it changes weekly and sometimes daily) are to point to her head and say "heh" and to hug her arms around herself (often her animals and sometimes her moms, but mostly herself) and say "huck." It's almost too much preciousness to bear. I have very little energy and feel very tired, but she is happy to do simple things with me - like read book after book after book (mind you, the books are about five cardboard pages long). She is happy just to hand me each of her stuffed animals and have me say their names and "thank you." She is also happy to play on her own at certain times during the day. Usually, she makes the biggest messes and the cutest noises when she plays alone. I am glad that she is not clingy. I feel we are doing a pretty good job; she enjoys our love but doesn't feel too much anxiety. She doesn't need to be clingy! Every so often she comes to one of us for a hug. Sandy is holding her right now, because Darah came to see her at the dining room table and said "boo dee huck" while reaching her arms up for an embrace.

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