Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pregnant Belly Art: Henna on the Belly

This henna tattoo was created by my friend, Aparna, during one of our playdates. She did it all by hand while the baby in my belly kicked her (basically tried to jump out of my skin and make it as difficult as possible for her) and while her eighteen month old son climbed all over her back...not to mention while I had to change positions frequently to keep from passing out and while Darah cried for me to hold her. Impressive, yes! And just look how huge and round my belly is - it's hard for me to believe I still have six more weeks to wait. I brought up the baby clothes from the basement, and now have to find somewhere to put them (I may have to hang some up in the laundry closet). I definitely have more anxiety during this pregnancy than I did with Darah (I was much more even and calm with Dar), but I also have more energy. During my last pregnancy, I did not bite my nails at all. During this pregnancy, I have bitten them (or at least three of them) since the third month. I think my hormones are different this time around, but Darah's presence has also energized her. I am so glad that I feel confident that I haven't scarred her or neglected her in any damaging way because of the difficulty of this pregnancy. It's almost time for Elanah to get her little tush out of me and out into the world. I'm ready.

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Todd said...

Hi Jess,being a guy I probably shouldn't be commenting on something like this,but when I see a pregnant belly that's as BIG and ROUND and BEAUTIFULLY decorated as yours is,I just have to give it the PRAISE it so rightfully deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!