Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do It Yourself (Have Your Partner do it) Belly Casts: Belly Casting during Pregnancy

The belly cast on the left (with the right arm attached) is of me when I was pregnant with Darah. The belly cast on the left (without arms) was created about a week ago during my second pregnancy with Elanah. I am now in my eighth month of pregnancy. The cast of my belly with Darah was made slightly earlier, during the seventh month.


Jesse said...

Hi Jess,
These are beautiful. How long did each take and how uncomfortable (read sticky!) was the experience? I wish I had done something like this for my pregnancies.

Mason McFadden said...

Hey Jesse! I guess you checked out my blog. I am so glad I did the belly casts with both pregnancies. It's one great way of celebrating a rare occasion (since I am not planning to be pregnant very often in this lifetime!). Some people use the belly casts to make belly bowls and some even use them to create bronze sculptures. A lot of people will paint them, but Sandy just covers ours in a gloss finish - we like them as they are. I think we managed to make the second one in a half hour. I don't recall how long we spent on the first. For me, everything was comfortable for the first fifteen minutes. At around twenty five minutes, I was getting dizzy and weak and was seeing black spots. But that may just be my body's issue and not a universal experience. I had to have Sandy hold my head because I was feeling like I was going to pass out. She managed to pull the cast off of me shortly after, so that I could run into the shower and sit down under the water for a while. We did ours in the garage this time around. I sat on a chair with a pillow behind me for support. We didn't want my arms in this cast so I had to hold them up a little so Sandy could put the plaster around each side of chest and torso. We could have done it on our own, but we decided to order a belly cast kit on line (from Proud Belly - it should be easy to find them). I wanted to do the cast as far toward the end of the pregnancy as possible, but that certainly makes it more uncomfortable. I was also lucky enough to have my friend, Aparna, put henna on my belly. I think the last thing we might do to anoint the belly is for Sandy to draw a labyrinth with face paint. Maybe we should do a pumpkin, since I'll be delivering close to Halloween! :)