Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Love Lavender Review, Short

This is my short film in support of Lavender Review and Mary Meriam (editor). Please check out LR at http://lavrev.net/ and support the e-zine so that lovely people like me can continue finding pleasure in it. To directly assist LR, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1824827058/lavender-june-lavender-december

If you've got the financial goods, please give to Lavender Review and support the arts that are so near and dear to my/our heart/s. And there is something in it for you, too, as well. When you back the Lavender Review, you receive a poetic service in exchange. The service of enchantment. Go for it! You can have a sonnet written for you - by the professional and renowned romantic poet herself (Mary: http://home.earthlink.net/~marymeriam/vita/).  If you can't find a lover who will write one for you, pay to have one written for yourself. Or pay to have one written for someone else. Valentine's Day, that's just a throw away. TODAY is the day - get yourself a triolet (or a critique of one of your own poems - or of one of my poems that you feel is in need of assistance) now. Mary Meriam is someone whose sonnet I would swoon over, I'm quite sure. Time's a wastin'. The deadline for Mary's goal is May 4. She has to reach 2,000 by that time in order to KICKstart the longevity of a lesbian literary/art gem. Lavender Review is free to all - and, as such, provides a great service at preserving a rich lesbian literary tradition. Donations are necessary to grow and maintain the LR. Even the penniless can do her part to keep the love alive!

Thanks, my friends. Now watch me smell the basil and the Lavender.

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