Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love Today: Finding Love in Anything

Just quickly, since this is the new Facebook (Jessbook?), my sister reminded me of something I did in the past that she remembers vividly. Tonight while we were eating Mighty Taco (it was not mighty, but it involved a goodly glob of sour cream and I consumed my share), she said, "Remember the time you were crying to Snoopers about how lonely you were?" I started to laugh, delightedly, because I love when she remembers idosyncratic things about me that I have forgotten (okay, okay, she wins: she generally has a better memory than I do...but not ALWAYS). I said, "What? I did that? That's so funny." She said, "Yeah. One time I came down the stairs and you were sitting on the kitchen floor holding Snoopers and crying. You were like, 'I'm all alone, Snoopers, you're the only one who loves me.'"

I vaguely remember having one or two bonding moments on the floor with our stinky little makeup-eating beagle, Snoopers, during his lifetime. Both, I believe, involved the themes of crying and loneliness - yes, times of desperation when the smell and grease of beagle on my hands failed to faze me. Rare moments. It's too bad I couldn't have shown Snoopers affection when I was feeling happy. Selfish adolescent. God I hope I'm doing better as an adult. Let this be a reminder and a lesson to myself. Show love to the ones who are yours, the ones who need you, the ones who are there WITH you NOW. And with that, I will bid the threats of unworthiness adieu and go to sleep with love close to my body and love in my heart...the love in proximity, the love of now - the only kind of love there is.

If you are a person out there who is without that kind of love, you probably are not actually without that kind of love. You're probably just focusing on the love that's out of sight and out of reach. What's in your midst right now? Whatever it is, try to take a moment to love it and to be in the presence of love with it. Don't wait until tomorrow, love today.

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