Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting through the first trimester of pregnancy

Depending on when I *actually* conceived (either around January 23rd - pre-ovulation - OR on one of these dates that occurred during ovulation: January 30th, 31st and February 1st and 2nd), my expected due date will be around October 24th 2009. I haven't been to the first OB appointment to confirm this prediction; I have just been playing around on line with pregnancy calendars and due date predictors.

If I conceived on January 31st, then my due date is October 24th (a Saturday).
According to this, 47 days of pregnancy have passed. I have 219 more to go.
I am eight weeks pregnant and have 32 more weeks to go.
I am 18% of the way through this pregnancy. That leaves 82% left.
If this is all "correct" (which it may or may not be...but it should be darn close), then I will begin the SECOND TRIMESTER (woo-hoo!!! get me and my family out of this shit hole of a first trimester please...) on April 18th. I can only hope that the nausea will subside by the start of the second trimester.

There may even be hope that I could feel somewhat normal (not very normal, but at least not so nauseous) when Darah and I go to Chicago with Sandy for the MPA Conference.

My third trimester will start on or around August 1st.

I think that is as accurate as it's going to get. Maybe when the doctor measures things (i.e. baby, uterus, whatever), I will know more. But these dates matter very much to me right now.

By the way, today I weighed 104.5 and that was after I took a trip to the toilet - so I seem to have gained three pounds. Yay. I guess all my hard work (aka my efforts to eat and NOT vomit the food up afterward) is paying off. At least that is what I am telling myself. A nice morale booster as I eat granola bars and hope they won't produce heartburn and sick tasting burps. I have been going through six pieces of cinnamon gum a day. It really does seem to help hold back the puke but my jaw is starting to ache.

Everything is low calorie now. It is near impossible to find a granola bar that is not "low cal." It annoys me. I need to bulk up. I am trying so hard to eat this granola bar, but for what - a measly 90 calories? There is hardly any substance in it. Still, when Sandy comes home from work to feed us lunch, I bet she'll be proud of me. I am finishing my third.

Last night I woke up at 11pm with puke coming up my throat. I ran to the toilet but just tried to hold it back. I HATE PUKING. I HATE PUKING. I HATE PUKING. That was torture, but I did manage to crawl back into bed with my bucket and fall asleep.

I can make it to April 18th. And maybe a bit longer if I have to... AND THEN - poof - let the nausea be gone. Where is a fairy godmother when you need one?

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