Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chom, chomp, chomp: Weird Pregnancy Dreams, First Trimester

Oh, I am exhausted. I chew gum all day long to keep my mind and mouth focused on something other than gross tastes and nausea.

Sandy, poor Sandy. It's too much for her to have to care for Darah and me and work 40 + hours a week.

Last night I dreamed that my father was going to drive me to school (a high school dream). But on the way, he plowed through my Grandma Mel's house on Paradise Road and destroyed almost the whole thing (I think the house caught fire and exploded). No. 262, finis. He was happy that it was almost destroyed. My mother didn't seem to mind that much, either. Then I went to (high) school with my sob story about how my grandmother's house just exploded. After seeking sympathy, I went back to my grandmother's house. Half of it was still usable. Grandma Mel and her third husband, Paul, came in with groceries. She started ordering my mother to make eggs and bacon for Paul. I asked her why she did not care about the fact that her house was destroyed - but all she could think about and all she cared about was getting the bacon and eggs cooked for Paul RIGHT NOW. And that was the end of that.

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