Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish Brains are Too Small for Pain...

Sandy is doing laundry and dusting (with a feather duster) and picking up around the house and wearing a French Maid costume. Well, all of that is true except for the FM costume. But we are French this morning; Edith Piaf is playing on our stereo. How we love her. It's my favorite day of the week - Saturday - when I have Sandy home to "do everything" for Darah and me. I cannot believe it has only been three weeks of this hell. I probably have five more to go, if not more. Each day is long. A week is long. Five weeks is depressing. Yesterday, Sandy did manage to get me out of the house. We went out for hair appointments. She saw Cindy and I saw Danny. I just had a trim and an angle put on my bangs to grow them out. I found out that my hair is probably too thin to me made into a wig. I was hoping to grow it as long as I could stand to grow it and then shave it off to donate it. I guess that's not realistic. I still, however, plan to grow it and then shave it (someday when I am not pregnant). This is the longest it has been in a long time.

I had a dream the other night that Sandy was a horse. She wanted me to ride her (yes, ride her) into an enchanted forest. I wanted to go into the forest with her but was scared of what we might run into. She gave me a very fun and entertaining (and bumpy) ride into the forest. We reached the edge of the forest, and at its edge was a cottage where Girl Scouts were residing. I wanted to rent the cottage for Sandy (my horse) and me. When I came around the front of the cottage, a bear was foraging for food. The bear saw me and came up to me (for food). It put its mouth around my hand (it had my hand in its mouth) but it was still just playing and was not sure whether it wanted to bite down or not. I called out for help, but my horse was gone. A Girl Scout leader opened the cottage door. I asked her to get help. I was begging for her to do something. She just stood there frozen. She did not want to get involved and risk being attacked by the bear. I panicked and started shouting commands. Then I woke up.

My dream last night was even more strange. Sandy and I were at a hotel together in a suite with three rooms. We were taking a shower together, but got out when I saw a giant silverfish-fly creature on the wall. There were more flies in the other rooms, but not big ones. Sandy left the hotel room and when she came back she was not Sandy anymore - she was Colin (a friend of ours). He told me he had a key to our room on the 65th floor. I told him that this was our room, on the 27th floor, but he insisted I go and see the room on the 65th floor. So we went up to the next section of the hotel, and it was a whole new world. There were shops and restaurants and elevators all over. Each elevator had a select number of floors to which it could travel. We had to search (it took a long time, too) for the elevator that would take us to the 65th floor. We finally found it and the room on the 65th floor. When Colin entered the room he turned into Brad Pitt who turned evil from entering the room. I didn't turn evil when I entered because I never wanted to travel there in the first place. Then Brad Pitt told me I had to have sex with my father (and an apparition of my father appeared). I cried and begged not to and tried to escape the room. He chased me out of the room. A while later I ran back into the room with my sister. My cousin's husband, Greg, followed us into the room. He suggested we all hide in the closet. So we did. Then Evil Brad Pitt came to the closet and picked Greg up and twisted off his penis. Melissa (my sister) and I ran out of the room while this was happening. Then we had to search for the elevator and the exit. We knew we had to get back to the room on the 27th floor to find refuge from the evil. We finally got there (or at least I did). I think the second part of this dream involved a high school band and violent witches.

I am sick, but I can still dream while I am asleep. The stories of our dreams are fascinating. And also strange and confusing.

Piece by piece.

Peace out.

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sonyagraykey said...

preggo dreams are THE strangest.