Thursday, February 5, 2009

Charting Pregnancy No. 2

Thursday, Feb 5 2009

The body (i.e. my body) might be pregnant again. I hope so. We tried to conceive a few days ago. Bloated, tummy pouching out, tired. Biting my nails. Maybe these are signs (sans the nail-biting, I always do that).

Took Darah to Shake, Rattle and Roll this morning. She played very nicely with her little friends - Atharva, Aspen, and others whose names I can't remember.
One of the "helpers" said that Darah seemed very "sophisticated." I was flattered and thought to myself, yes she is sophisticated. I guess she wasn't picking her nose and throwing sharp objects the whole time?

Darah is pointing and saying "mumumumumum." I thought she was coming over here, but she went to the fishies instead.

Saturday, Feb 7 2009

Yesterday we went to the store to pick up some bananas, but ended up spending over one hundred dollars on groceries. Darah had fun at playgroup that morning. She had to crawl right up front for story time. And she didn't seem to notice that one of the older girls, Trinity, wanted her to move her bum (and was pushing it over).

The body is bloated and funky, still. Hurray. I'm still bloated and with a protruding belly. It feels kind of tight and like strange things are happening in there. I feel tired, but I am usually tired. I have been a little irritable the past couple of days and it's a little early for PMS. This morning my right nipple was sore when I woke up. Kind of a sharp pain in it. I announced it and rejoiced. My lower back is somewhat sore (at least it was in the morning). I have been checking my vagina for a whitish discharge (because that is what I got before I found out I was pregnant with Darah). So far, nothing notable. Although there was some white creamy stuff today. If you are grossed out to hear that, you may want to reconsider getting pregnant. Pregnancy makes lots of unusual things happen to one's body.

Monday, February 9 2009

Darah has been having a terrible time sleeping. And so have we. She's always been one to kick in the night (she was kicking me incessantly in the womb) and hasn't stopped yet. Getting her to fall asleep has been SO trying these past few days. A few week ago, we took apart our bed so that we could all be on the floor together. We have her crib in our room, but we took the mattress out of it and put it next to our bed's mattress on the floor. She was doing well for awhile with falling asleep on her mattress for naps and bed, but not she gets up immediately - over and over - and crawls over to us (or stands up and tries to grab things off of the nightstand). So we've been trying, lately, to get her to fall asleep in our bed - between us, where she likes to be. But, even then, she just sits up over and over. She kicks us and scratches us. She doesn't mean to do it; she just seems to have so much energy that she can't be still. She's quite hyperactive in the night. Whew. We're tired. But we're still glad to have the beds on the floor. It makes it a little easier.

I have had some pain in my lower-back, and am still getting little twinges of pain and cramping in my abdomen. And also still bloated. I hope it's twins! I am just waiting to be sick (as a dog? why is a dog sick?) in about a week or so. I hope the nausea is a little milder and not 24/7 with this pregnancy.

Tuesday Feb 10 2007

I am very moody and sensitive (I have been since yesterday, officially). With my last pregnancy, I did not have any obvious mood swings. I was pretty stable throughout the whole thing, in terms of my emotions and sensitivities. Right now, I seem to be rather cranky and snappy. I hope this means I am pregnant. But, it if does, then I also wonder why I would be moody with this one yet not the last one. If I am not pregnant, then I am having really bad pms. And it seems to be pre-mature because my period is not due for another week. Sandy seems like she might be pre-menstrual as well. So, needless to say, we're a bunch of fun!

Darah hasn't been letting us sleep, so that's probably adding to the small bickerings and tensions in the McFadden household. My tummy has been pushed out for the past week. Either I am gaining weight because I am drinking those Boost drinks...or I am pregnant. Please be pregnancy!

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