Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking a Pregnancy Test, Again - The First Pregnancy Symptoms

I took another pregnancy test yesterday, just to make sure I am still pregnant. It turns out that I am. I really am. The line is even darker than it was last week when I tested. I am having trouble believing it because I am not feeling like crap yet. During my first pregnancy, I was sick with 24-hour nausea by this time. I wonder how one pregnancy can vary so much to the next. Sandy thinks it may have to do, at least to a small degree, with stress levels. But I think I am almost as stressed as I was with the last one. I am just a chronically stressed person (which is why yoga is such a struggle and is so important).

I have been having moments of nausea. I had a little before bed the other night. And I had a little yesterday after I ate five or six pieces of chocolate. And I had a little tonight after we had eggs for dinner. Just the thought of eggs - fried eggs - makes me slightly queasy. I suppose it make be a remnant of the nausea I had with my first pregnancy (because I couldn't eat or smell fried eggs for the first three months). I told Sandy I might not be able to have eggs for a while.

My body aches during the night. Arms, legs, butt, lower back, shoulders. Just from sleeping on them. It doesn't make sense how pregnancy starts to take over your body right away. Hormones are so powerful. I've been hurting my fingers by biting. I guess it's my compulsion or the manifestation of some undiagnosed anxiety disorder.

So far it's just been twinges, periodic cramping, periodic dizziness and weakness, and periodic nausea. My breasts have not grown and are not sore. So far so good. And that calls for a nice, solid knock on wood for the superstitious dimension of myself (and yourself, too).

Sometimes going through tough times puts things into perspective.

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