Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Early Pregnancy Horror Symptoms

Well, this is just a quick note to keep track of what possibly may be symptoms of pregnancy # 2.

- my skin had been breaking out, with lots of massive pimples (even one on my back, which typically does not happen)
- still feeling somewhat bloated
- have been peeing once in the night (which is also unusual for me). i wake up with a full bladder and have to relieve myself
- i feel sick today. i feel like i have a slight fever. my teeth and jaw and head ache. maybe i am coming down with something (something not related to pregnancy)

On another note, though: Darah walked last night. She stood herself up on her own (without using a table or stool) and walked a few steps toward me. She is hesitant and likes to crawl for comfort, but she's on her way. We were so happy. We chanted "go Darah go Darah do Darah..." What a great night. And we had pizza from Larry A's. It was okay. But the walking, that was great!

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