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Things written in my pregnancy notebook when I was pregnant with my first child, Darah Sage McFadden!

May 6 2007 - having just gotten a POSITIVE result on the P-test

"My breasts are swollen and I have acne on my forehead that seems more prominent than usual"

"Creamy, whitish discharge appeared. I can push it out of my v-hole"

"We made lime-thyme potato salad this afternoon and we'll eat it with BOCA chicken patties. We will also take a bath"

May 9 2007

"tired (not sleepy necessarily)"

"dizzy and heacache-y from time to time"

"Haven't pooped in awhile (at least a day)"

"Ate a bagel with cream cheese, orange juice, potato salad, sour cherry gummies, spinach lasagna, coffee ice cream, lemonade, diet coke all day"

"Boobs still sore"

"Mostly tired"

"Yesterday I ate pickled ginger and olives - Sandy thought it was worth noting"

May 10 2007

"Weight: 107 lbs w/out shoes"

"Hot, smelly gas...but Sandy disputes this claim and says she never smelled anything"

"Bloated, diarrhea"

"Boobs are really sore"

"Prominent zits on forehead"

"Some burping"

"Went to Margaret McHarry's mother's funeral visitation in Havana"

"Ate: cereal, olives, crackers with cashew butter, orange juice, lemonae, lasagna, Edy's Nestle Tollhouse Loaded Cookies Dough ice cream"

"Some dizziness"

May 12 2007

"Yesterday I was pretty uncomfortable and cranky all day - biting my nails and having occasional gas"

"This morning I weighed in at 105.0 lbs"

"Had trouble sleeping last night"

May 13 2007

"Worked at Sandy's office..."

"Went to K-Mart. Sandy painted pole and made lentil soup (fiber!) while I planted coleus, tomatoes, lavender, pineapple, sage, peppermint, spearmint...and watered after"

"Ate grapefruit and toast for breakfast, mango snack, lentil soup and corn bread for dinner"

"Watched part of Girl Interrupted on AMC - they changed the word, DYKE, to DOPE for TV"

May 18 2007

"Feeling sick after meals (not very nauseous...intermittent nausea)"

"Meals make me uncomfortable and give me gas"

"Gas, gas and more gas - unbelievable"

"Can't allow Sandy to put any pressure on my abdomen or bladder - very uncomfortable"

"I poop a lot more often"

"The gas is the worst it's been so far"

"We took NoraBasil and Cydney to Lake Argyle today"

May 20 2007

"Embryo baby went to movies with us, and watched Shrek the Third"

"Sick. Constantly. My wonderful partner is taking care of me and treating me like a queen - serving me meals and being so loving"

"A combination of feelings that alternate: nausea, cramping, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, gnawing feeling, aching"

"Weak and somewhat dizzy"

"Allergies, especially triggered by outdoors - watering plants"

"Boob update: heavy, hard/solid, full, tender"

May 24 2007

"I feel terrible. I can hardly stand this feeling. I have been sick for a week. I feel nauseous and dizzy and weak all day long, every day. I cannot stand or move for very long but I feel terrible regardless of whether I am standing or not"

"Last night was the worst night yet - and worse than most in my life. The last time I felt that terrible was when I had that strange illness when we first moved here (we never figured out what it was, IBS?) least I could medicate then"

"I can hardly eat. Everything make me feel nauseous - everything except water. I ate some Cheerios in bed this morning. I need more than that but I'm not sure that I can handle anything"

"Eyes burning"

"Went to bed around 10PM and woke up at 11:30PM - nose running, sneezing, feeling like I'm burning up and then like I'm freezing and have the chills, feeling like I need to vomit and have diarrhea at the same time. Could not puke OR shit. Just sat on the floor, wrapped in a towel, burping up the grossest taste and dry heaving/spitting"

"Took a swig of Maalox, whimpered and cried a lot, drank orange juice and water"

"Went to sleep much later. Woke up again around 2:30AM feeling exactly the same way as before if not worse. Tried to shit - nothing. Tried to puke - nothing. Intense stomach pains and nausea worsened, nose still running and sneezing...and, finally, I PUKED. Just puked a little - clear and red stuff...and it didn't make me feel better"

June 13 2007 (Month 2 Pregnant)

"The other night, I was dreaming that a monkey was falling out of the ceiling just above my side of the bed. In REAL LIFE while I was still asleep: I jumped out of bed, ran to Sandy's side of the bed and told her to get out of the bed - 'Get out of the bed,' I said. She got out of the bed and stood beside me. I turned on the light, and when I looked at the ceiling to see the monkey, I woke up and realized I had been doing. I went to the bathroom and came back into bed, still half-dazed and saying (in a crazy tone) 'I'm so embarrassed'"

"I am very sick. All the time. This sucks. I hate being nauseous. I hate it"

"Poor Sandy. She has been putting up with and taking such good care of me - doing everything: cooking, cleaning, dishes, comforting, taking care of the yard -- everyday"

"What have I been eating? Cheerios, cupcakes, ginger ale, water, apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, fruit snacks, twinkies, pop tarts, fudge pops, bread, perrogies, raviolis, spaghettios, tuna sandwiches, boca burgers, Kix - Honeycombs - and Life cereals"

June 25 2007

"I have been very sick, most of the time. My eyes burn and water. I often feel like I have the chills. Stomach pains. Nausea is terrible and acts up a lot - in the morning and NOW also at night"

"On Saturday, I threw up at night for the first time. I was feeling nauseous (as I usually do before dinner). I went to take a Flinstone vitamin. As soon as I chewed and swallowed it, I puked it right up"

"I have trouble sleeping: abdominal discomfort, gas cramps (gas doesn't come out easily), bladder issues (feeling like I have to urinate constantly)"

"Last night I got up four or five times to go to the bathroom because the gas pains were so bad and I felt like I had to pee"

"Toward 5AM, I gave up on sleeping and just waited, lying awake, until 8:30. Then the pains worsened. I felt like I was getting my period. When I sat on the toilet, I felt like I was going to have diarrhea. I didn't have it"

"Then I suddenly felt like I was going to puke. So I puked. And then I shit. In the same toilet bowl, one after the other. And my nose was running. It was horrible. I am pathetic. Ah"

"This is what I ate the day before this episode: honeycombs, water, apple juice, pop tarts, fruit roll up, fruit gummies, tuna salad on crackers, cheese ravioli with Prego sauce, sherbet, a Centrum vitamin"

Mid July (Week 13)

"Sandy took Cydney and me (and Fartyce) to the park. My feet started to burn, and then I nearly passed out. I blacked out and had to fall to the ground. Our trip was cut short. Sandy left us at a picnic table so that she could go get the car for us"

"I puked a couple of times over the last two weeks (once I puked A HORRIBLE combination of watermelon, cream cheese and buttery crackers - very unpleasant)"

"Sandy and I went to K-Mart and bought a few baby outfits. We each got to pick out one toy for the infant. She picked out a soft, cloth Panda bear book and I picked our orange and yellow duck-shaped teethers"

"Sandy took care of Dana and Colin's cats - Dobie and Berkeley"

"I thought I was starting to feel better for a day or two, but I felt sick again for the fourth of July"

"We watched fireworks out of our dining room window. A very good seat, actually"

"House is messy and needs serious cleaning. I could use my mom's help"

"Started drinking milk - skim milk from cows"

"A little fly flew out of my hair when I got into the shower and stepped under the water. Am I that gross?"

"I hate having a sweet taste in my mouth. Yuck"

"Marilyn commented on the size of my breasts. She said, 'Your boobs look bigger. I didn't know people grow so fast'"

Name Ideas:
Nora Leigh
Basil Sefton
Lily Louise
Nova Blu
Lee Armand

What to tell the doctor at my 20 week appointment:

- allergies
- vaginal pain/pressure/ache
- what do I use for hemorrhoids?
- is soft poop a problem?
- pain under right rib cage
- anything for heartburn and indigestion?
- how long will i have to wait to get pregnant again?
- increased frequency of pooping
- lots of kicking/movement
- i get so dizzy and weak that i have to lie down - happens once a day

For Gyno Appt. September 26 07

- cold/flu help
- upset stomach
- throbbing ear
- aching body
- headache
- burning eyes
- congestion
- itchy throat
- cough

Top Names (in October)

Nova Blue
Nora Leigh
Lee Armand
London Sage
Ellis Gray
Autumn Lee
Lily Louise

10/08/07 Notes for gyno appt.

"Baby very active"

"Seem to be having a negative reaction to milk or cereal. When I eat it in the morning, I tend to feel weak and sick to my stomach"

"Burning, numbness and tingling on underside of breasts (often at night during or after dinner)"

"Dry patches all over skin"

"Is Vicks Vapo Rub okay?"

Revised Name List:

Nova Blu
Nasha Lee
Sage Armani
London Sage
Ellis Gray
Zanna Sage
Lee Armand
Nora Leigh
Dara Sage
Lennox J
Lyndon J
Winter J

11/09/07 November

"My left breast leaked for the first time in the night/early left a small, wet, hard spot on my shirt"

"I poop a lot"

"We went out to dinner with Rosemary to the Red Ox. She wore a gold sweater"

"The Psychology Department gave us a stroller/car seat combo for our baby shower yesterday...Kris Kelly had such a nice party and the cutest cake"

"Baby Darah is active in the middle of the night and calm during the day"

"There is a very dark line vertically across my big belly"

"Sandy loves to feel the baby move in the middle of the night while I'm asleep"

"I weigh 137 lbs (at 7 1/2 mos.)"

"Skin is very dry and blotchy with really hard pimples that cannot be popped. Skin around my lips is flaky"

"I am taking a prenatal vitamin and Prilosec for heartburn"

"Have started biting my nails again (haven't bitten in 7 mos)"


"I've been having period-like cramps for the past few days - one to three times a day"

"Crotch/pelvic bone pain, especially when I try to get up from sitting or lying down"

"Breasts leak in the middle of the night"

"Some lower back pain starting and a bit of pressure in lower region"

"Lots of pressure on my vaginal bone. Ow"

"I feel like I have to pee most all the time when I usually don't have to pee - I feel like I have to pee RIGHT after I've emptied my bladder"

"Feels like my vagina is aching, like it needs to open up and release pee"


Neh - hungry
Owh - sleepy
Heh - discomfort
E-air - lower gas (eerr grunt or ehh ayah)
Eh - burp

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