Friday, February 20, 2009

First Trimester: Before The Pregnancy Nausea Trials

It's nearly been another week and I am not sick yet. Tired and bloated and cold and filled with urine (or at least with urine always at the edge), but not nauseous. It's so strange. I keep eating things and thinking that it will only be a matter of days until I won't be able to eat those things again (like the bagel with onion and chive cream cheese and glass of highly acidic grape juice that I had this morning).

Darah has been very entertaining this week. She started saying "ut oh" at the beginning of the week. At first she repeated it when I would say it and then, later in the day, she said it spontaneously. I love "ut oh." She said it all day long for one day, but then I didn't hear it very often after that (maybe once in a while, here and there). I guess it was new and fun on the first day. Maybe she just forgot about it because she hasn't heard me say it in a while. Today she has been saying "Oh" whenever she is surprised or sees something new and interesting. She brought me her plastic peach this morning, and when I opened it for her (pulling apart the two Velcro halves)she exclaimed "Ohhhhh" in amazement. I love her sweet high-pitched voice.

She's been getting a lot of baths lately. She likes to rub her dinner in her hair when she is finished and bored. Last night it was butter. I hope it conditioned it, because she has a nest in the back of her head that poofs and snarls and can never be tamed. Darah probably rubs food in her hair on purpose; she loves bath time THAT much. Especially now that I am letting her sit in the tub on her own (not in a bath seat). I bathe her in the tub downstairs because the one in our bedroom is a jacuzzi tub (and is too deep for me to lean over). It's a good tub for kids, but it's freezing downstairs so I usually don't like going down there for long (even with the space heater that I turn on). We've been using color tablets in the tub lately. I enjoy them - especially the turquoise shade. I don't know if she notices them anymore. I haven't figured out a good way to wash out shampoo from her hair. She arches her back and stands up when water gets in her eyes - so I usually end up holding her and getting soaked or putting her back in the bath seat for a rinse down.

Darah loves TV. A woman at Early Beginnings urged us not to allow her to watch a lot of television because she will not be able to stay attentive when things in real life (at school, for instance) move at a slower pace. She does ignore me sometimes when she is watching TV. I still let her watch a lot of TV (shows on PBS, mostly). It does make it easier on me. But I still make time for us (Darah and me) to play together and be together without it on. Darah loves music. She has been dancing for months. Once when we passed Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, she heard the song HM was singing and started rocking and getting so excited. She loved that music. And then she also seemed to like the Jonas Brothers (which I was sad about because I find their voices nasal and annoying). On the up side, she likes Edith Piaf a lot. We all enjoy a special after-work/end-of-day dance to "La Vie L'Amour" together. LOVE Edith Piaf. We all do. It's great.

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