Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darah's First Non-Boob Meals: First Foods During Weaning

Darah's first Non-boob meals:

Rice cereal - started at around five months, she prefers it with breast milk
Squash - started at six months, enjoyed it a lot
Peaches - started at six months but didn't want many
Sweet Peas - ate them but not all at one time (sometimes willing to eat, sometimes not), when she didn't want to eat them she would turn her head away and refused to look at me
Carrots - didn't like them at first but like them later
Sweet potatoes - just LOVED them
Sandy's pureed peas - didn't like the texture, not pureed enough
Jessica's pureed apples - didn't like the texture

Some notes: 9 Months old

- Darah was ticklish for the first time at 9 months (on her belly)
- Darah started clapping ALL the time at 9 months
- The first word Darah recognized was "Doggie" (looked for her doggie at 7 1/2 months)
- Stood up by herself on the couch for the first time at 9 months
- Darah loves to climb Mommy Mountain

Darah's first official word:

FISHY - "Hi fishies" "Hi fish"

(after we bought her goldfish for her first birthday)

(she did say Ma-ma sometimes, indiscriminantly)

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